Solving Classroom Lockdown

In 2022, Hamilton School District #3 was working on how best to allow teachers and staff to quickly respond to emergency situations with a limited budget. “We had tried multiple wireless classroom lock solutions, but we were struggling to get them and keep them connected” said Ronda Hansen, Data Systems Analyst for HSD. Creating lockdown capabilities at the classroom level was proving to be much more challenging and costly than anticipated.




Eliminating Rekeys Forever

Since 1981, Veterans Village of San Diego has been helping homeless and at-risk veterans through multiple programs that deal with homelessness, addiction and mental health. Every day, veterans, staff, visitors and family members visit the campus, all with varying needs of access. Before implementing the Proxess solution, US Navy Veteran and VVSD’s Facility Coordinator, Rafael Uno, spent much of his time chasing rekeys, coordinating with service providers and often times waiting days for new brass keys to be issued.



Cities and Municipalities: North Manchester Parks and Recreation

Bringing Electronic Access Control to All Doors

In 2023, North Manchester Parks and Recreation (NMPR) was spending an excessive amount of time, money, and resources to provide basic daily access to park buildings. “We were trying to eliminate the need for someone to physically go to all our park locations and lock and unlock restrooms each day,” recalls Parks Director, Jennifer Hotchkiss. With increasing staff turnover rates, NMPR’s current brass keys access control system was only becoming more difficult to manage.



Private K-12: Colorado Springs Christian Schools

Scalable Access Control

Colorado Springs Christian Schools serves 1200 students across three campuses throughout Colorado. Like most K-12 schools before Proxess, CSCS was struggling to maintain proper levels of security across multiple systems. “Our brass key system was so out of control; students were gaining entry into the gym by using copies of keys they had never been issued,“ explained CSCS Superintendent, Dr. Roland DeRenzo.




Creating a Safer Employee Experience

In 2023, Mesker Door decided the company needed to take a new approach to securing their manufacturing facilities across the U.S. while giving the flexibility needed to manage door access across multiple shifts. “Without a full understanding of who had what keys to our facilities, we decided we needed to do something different,” said Adam Matusz, president of Mesker. Getting control of brass key access to their facilities was proving to be an impossible task.