Service Manual pdf.

Service Manual

The Proxess C-Series Service Manual contains important information to assist you in maintaining your C-Series Lock.

Installation Instructions pdf.

Installation Instructions

The Proxess C-series Cylindrical Lock installation manual provides detailed instructions on hardware installation.

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DHCP BoxIQ™ Configuration pdf.

DHCP BoxIQ™ Configuration

BoxIQ™ & Proxess Bridge™ Network Connectivity

DHCP Communication Setup with the Software

BoxIQ™ Static IP Settings Procedure pdf.

BoxIQ™ Static IP Settings Procedure

Customized Controller Settings Procedure

Setting a Static IP address and designating an ACS address

BLE Bridge™ Layout Planner pdf.

BLE Bridge™ Layout Planner

BLE Bridge™ Layout Planner

Proxess LoxIQ™  User Guide pdf.

Proxess LoxIQ™ User Guide

Equipment & Operation: Start-up Guide

The process of setting up a Proxess LoxIQ™ security system may be broken down into a few elements and operations....

ProxessIQ™ Software Manual pdf.

ProxessIQ™ Software Manual

The ProxessIQ™ Software Manual provides users with installation instructions, as well as an outline for using the software.

Door & User Schedules for ProxessIQ™ pdf.

Door & User Schedules for ProxessIQ™

Door & User Schedules for ProxessIQ™