Combination ProxessIQ Server & Client, including LocalDB database

Download this software if this is the first computer that is being loaded with the ProxessIQ software AND if this first computer will be BOTH the server and also be used as a client\user interface, i.e. performing programming and reporting functions. Additional computers can be added as clients to this software by loading the "ProxessIQ Client Installer" software, as shown below. 

Note: This download will install and utilize Microsoft's LocalDB database. If a different database is desired, please select the "ProxessIQ Server Only" link below and then add "ProxessIQ Client Installer" as necessary.


Download: ProxessIQ-Server-Installer-LocalDB-Bundle.exe

Release Date: 10/29/2021

SHA256 Hash: C5B8A3945D7516E1E367CE0FDEF4F203505B0B97B01CEE074CF67B2CA9798EA4

MD5 Hash: 42F7493D42FBC64C08FC7C0C97276AC7

Release Notes:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: .Net 4.8 is required.
  • Mobile Credential active count fixes
  • Encrypted reader support
  • Online mobile credential event fixes
  • Removed "Privacy Mode"
  • All credentials with a card assigned are now sent to controllers with blank privilege files. This allows controllers to invalidate any deactivated credentials cards that are presented
  • Deleted credentials maintain their card assignment and are set to "deactivated"
  • If a card associated with a deleted credential is presented to an ENR reader, the credential can be viewed and restored from it's deleted state.
  • Improved messaging for instances when firmware media file is missing
  • Added ability to copy controller password to system clipboard
  • Ensure controllers and mini-controllers don't show battery information
  • Ensure "Has Changes" notification doesn't show up on online doors.
  • Cleaned up unused advanced door settings
  • Fixed a configuration issue caused by old clients connecting to a new server
  • Ensure firmware list is always updated after a new firmware is added
  • Cleanup Mini-controller fields
  • Include controller ID in associated server logs
  • Fixed door delete bug
  • Fixed issues with door advanced search not closing cleanly
  • Prevent adding user photos before user is created
  • Added tooltip to door group "auto enroll"
  • Improved missing certificate handling
  • Basic CustomCardConfig support
  • Notification improvements
  • Low battery notification fixes
  • Notification message cleanup for expired credentials
  • Fixed notification details to included the time it happened at the door for tamper, held open and forced open.
  • Locks previously configured in "Privacy Mode" will still show "Privacy Mode"