Combination ProxessIQ Server & Client, including LocalDB database

Download this software if this is the first computer that is being loaded with the ProxessIQ software AND if this first computer will be BOTH the server and also be used as a client\user interface, i.e. performing programming and reporting functions. Additional computers can be added as clients to this software by loading the "ProxessIQ Client Installer" software, as shown below. 

Note: This download will install and utilize Microsoft's LocalDB database. If a different database is desired, please select the "ProxessIQ Server Only" link below and then add "ProxessIQ Client Installer" as necessary.


Download: ProxessIQ-Server-Installer-LocalDB-Bundle.exe

Release Date: 4/29/2019

SHA256 Hash:

MD5 Hash:

Release Notes:

  • Proxess Bridge Improvements
    • Added UI feedback for offline lock status
  • Control Center Improvements
    • Added View Logs button that opens an explorer window with the current log selected
    • Added Export Logs button that zips all logs in the server log folder
    • Added Server Config Backup
  • Added ReBeacon grid to Controller view
  • "Edit Configuration" improvements
    • "Apply Configuration" will now always accept button click
    • Splash screen config edit now loads the current configuration
    • Splash screen config edit now has file menu to allow selection of other configurations
    • Added Thumbprint check of certificate import to prevent overwrite the original cert
  • Installer
    • Fixed "Existing Install" so that the server configuration file is not modified
    • Added additional helper text for selecting new or existing install
    • Fixed missing assembly issue on upgrades