ProxessIQ Client Installer

Download this software onto any additional computers that will be communicating with the ProxessIQ Server computer. The Server computer may have been loaded with either the "ProxessIQ Server Only, with LocalDB database" or the "Combination ProxessIQ Server & Client, with LocalDB database" software.


Download: ProxessIQ-Installer-Client.msi

Release Date: 12/5/2019

SHA256 Hash:

MD5 Hash:

Release Notes:

  • Added extra insurance to repair any problems with credential cache. This is to mitigate issues seen in the field
  • Added event to update cache when credential is wiped.
  • Added verbose logging support
  • Fixes and improvements to User Access Audit view
  • Fixed delivery of updated credentials to online controllers when changes are made to door groups and access profiles
  • Fixed Controller View scrolling issues
  • Removed inaccurate Update Required flags from online doors
  • Added mouse hover effect on dashboard tiles
  • Fixed extraneous delivery of credentials to online controllers. Ensure controllers are properly updated to know if a credential has the latest updates on it
  • Fixed audit log attribution when a non-system card is presented to door. Audit will now show up under the door that it was presented at
  • Added ability to delete operator roles
  • Added additional EventAudit events when operator changes are made
  • Changed credential expiration date time to refence local time instead of UTC time
  • Fixed irrelevant error log entry when doors are modified
  • Fixes to multi-delete on the manage doors view
  • Removed extraneous door state notifications in the manage door view footer
  • Ensure door group view refresh when a door group is removed
  • Ensure user view refresh when a user is removed
  • Fixed reported service binding error on server startup
  • Fixed Scrolling on Controller List
  • Fixed multi-threading issue on server
  • Improved communication and feedback for offline locks connected through ProxessBridge
  • Controller network status messaging improvements
  • Added system configuration for default expiration date
  • Added multi-edit for Credentials
    • Expiration Date
    • Blacklist
    • User
    • Credential Name
  • Fixed multiple Advanced Search Issues
  • Fixed multiple UI issues
  • Fixed default timezone setting typo
  • Fixed Control Center shortcut issue and changed install location
  • Fixed upgrade issue from 1.0.x.x versions