ProxessIQ Client Installer

Download this software onto any additional computers that will be communicating with the ProxessIQ Server computer. The Server computer may have been loaded with either the "ProxessIQ Server Only, with LocalDB database" or the "Combination ProxessIQ Server & Client, with LocalDB database" software.


Download: Proxess-Installer-Client.msi

Release Date: 6/14/2018

SHA256 Hash:

MD5 Hash:

Release Notes:

  • Cleanup of Operator password change
  • Offline lock controller assigned
  • USB MPD communication fix.
  • Controller offline lock communication
    • Added Controller Offline Lock Stimuli message support
    • Created an improved added controller workflow
    • Fixed controller delete issues
    • Fixed ControllerFirmware loading issue
    • Fixed Controller flicker
    • Added initial support for PushConfigureConnectors
  • Fixes to bundle distribution and important fixes for the list of locks that are sent to the MPD
    • Fixed removed locks not being removed from the cache for the MPD
    • Fixed lock info cache not updating when a new lock is bound
    • Fixed missing extended property information on cache initialization
  • Added properties to door entity
    • EnableNocAudits
    • BatteryLowPercent
    • BatteryCriticalPercent
    • BatteryFailureThreshold
  • Added configuration to fully disable NOC Audits for high performance locks
  • IgnoreCertificateErrors no longer requires program file changes