ProxessIQ Client Installer

Download this software onto any additional computers that will be communicating with the ProxessIQ Server computer. The Server computer may have been loaded with either the "ProxessIQ Server Only, with LocalDB database" or the "Combination ProxessIQ Server & Client, with LocalDB database" software.


Download: Proxess-Installer-Client.msi

Release Date: 3/6/2018

SHA256 Hash: 8709A0BAF4901C4C082AA0C956CE83B328CCE5FE5B39EC13EC55D21B264EDC7A

MD5 Hash: 5C5B75F02629B65737B9B3A8055803D3

Release Notes:

  • Added server install dialog for customizing log paths
  • Added ServiceSecurePort and ServiceUnsecuredPort network configuration to installer
  • Removed OptionsUI from bundle installer
  • Changed server install to Proxess AxessIQ Server