ProxessIQ Client Installer

Download this software onto any additional computers that will be communicating with the ProxessIQ Server computer. The Server computer may have been loaded with either the "ProxessIQ Server Only, with LocalDB database" or the "Combination ProxessIQ Server & Client, with LocalDB database" software.


Download: Proxess-Installer-Client.msi

Release Date: 3/2/2018

SHA256 Hash:

MD5 Hash:

Release Notes:

Installer Changes

  • Fixed LocalDB install path issues.
  • Cleaned up installer SQL configuration UI
  • Changed bundle name to AxessIQ Bundle.
  • Added client to bundle and made it optional.
  • Changed LocalDB to show full installer and made it optional

Logging Changes

  • Added Server Configuration tab to Control Center app with the ability to set log path and file limit
  • Changed client application log settings
    • Set default path to C:\ProgramData\Proxess\AxessIQClient\Logs\AxessIQClient.log
    • Set default max file size to 1 MB
    • Set default max number of logs to 15
    • Changed client log archive naming to include date and sequence number