ProxessIQ Client Installer

Download this software onto any additional computers that will be communicating with the ProxessIQ Server computer. The Server computer may have been loaded with either the "ProxessIQ Server Only, with LocalDB database" or the "Combination ProxessIQ Server & Client, with LocalDB database" software.


Download: Proxess-Installer-Client.msi

Release Date: 2/27/2018

SHA256 Hash: F35C385E085194630F764C0E0651F3C25C73C04EDECEA800495855BA5B3774B8

MD5 Hash: F8391B29E3D0E9FC2B2BEEFCF6CA2360

Release Notes:

  • Changed public key used to check valid license file
  • Fixed auto door group enrollment not displaying after a door is created.
  • Fixed Access Profile Privilege bugs
  • Fixed invalid characters in controller password
  • Implemented support for offline controller
    • Added plain text file support
    • Added encrypted file crc
    • Removed card key from online door config
  • Improved information displayed in Credential View
    • Added searchable Stamped ID
  • Changed serverlogpath to go to the appropriate folder in ProgramData. Increased log file count to 30.
  • Fixed extraneous credential update logging due to controller communication
  • Changed color of System Operator Role tile
  • Changed default lock mode to Office mode