ProxessIQ Server Only

Download this software if this is the first computer that is being loaded with the ProxessIQ software AND if this first computer will be ONLY the server and will not perform any client\user interface functionality. Additional computers can be added as clients to this software by loading the "ProxessIQ Client Installer" software, shown above. This download does not include any database, although it does include a pointer to a customer provided


Download: Proxess-Installer-Server.msi

Release Date: 6/20/2018

SHA256 Hash: 96C6B62952C947266DF3A5FDF767D411DC5B43E14FE49882F5C7C13547659C55

MD5 Hash: 87290D598517100E6981B4A83FA7451A

Release Notes:

  • Added Legacy OS support to Control Center for Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2
  • Added log ability to configure log path and log level for Control Center logs
  • Improved Client Configuration management
    • Only allow one configuration per host name
    • Removed elevated privileges requirement for changing configuration
  • Changed client configuration file types to .proxml
  • Added handler to AxessIQ Client for .proxml files. You can now right click on a .proxml file and open with AxessIQ for automatic configuration.