LoxIQ™ pdf.


Electronic Lockset and Intelligent Controller - Cylindrical

The LoxIQ™ is the centerpiece of the Wireless Lockset Revolution. It is a unique, intelligent, Grade 1 lockset that can be quickly installed with a screwdriver and/or networked through a number of wireless or connected (wired and mobile phone App) means. LoxIQ can expand into a system of unlimited doors, sites and credentials, while leveraging unparalleled security in our Mifare DESFire EV2 and Bluetooth credentials and communications.

BoxIQ™ pdf.


2-Door, PoE Intelligent Controller

The BoxIQ™ intelligent 2-door controller provides online communication and control for main entry points and those portals requiring real-time updates and status. Its PoE and wireless communications options allow for the quickest implementation time, while also extending information exchange to various Proxess intelligent locksets.

RoxIQ™ pdf.


Dual-Tech Smart Card BLE Readers

The RoxIQ™ dual technology smart card and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) readers support the most secure credentials and communications in the industry. The NXP Mifare DESFire EV2 credentials are often noted as the most secure and are provided in a restricted range. All our credentials are loaded with a secure Proxess App and the reader-credential communications are bi-directional RS-485, enforcing a handshake and credential read-write.

Proxess Sync™ pdf.

Proxess Sync™

Mobile Programming App

The Proxess Sync™ mobile phone App synchronizes changes from the AxessIQ™ software to LoxIQ™ locksets across the country. It is the simplest to use configuration App, requiring just a click to perform the synchronizations. Strictly a performance App, it is secure and uncompromising. All of the configuration changes are securely made on the PC software and the App user simply clicks to have the changes executed.

ENR™ pdf.


Credential Enrollment Reader, Desktop

Proxess’ ENR™ makes the credential enrollment process intuitive and simple. Just place a credential on the desktop reader and a pop-up window automatically appears. From here you can create a new user, assign this card to an existing user, or view the details of an existing cardholder.

AxessIQ™  pdf.


Scalable Access Control Software

AxessIQ™ is the scalable access control software that supports Proxess intelligent wireless locksets and door controllers. The system's user interface is configurable for each operator, and can begin with a single wire-free lockset and incrementally expand to an unlimited number of locations, doors, and users.